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Gift Box - Classico & Fantasia

Claus Porto

Presented in an elegant box that’s perfect for gifting, Claus Porto’s Classico & Fantasia Gift Box includes eight of the label’s most coveted soaps.
From floral to fresh scents, the soaps invite you to admire their beautiful packaging and to experience the soft and nourished skin they leave behind.
The 50g travel-friendly size makes these soaps enjoyable even when traveling.

Instructions for use:

-Work into a rich lather then rinse with warm water.

This set contains:

-Mirror - Pomegranate - Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8.oz.

-Spring - Lettuce - Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8.oz.

-Agua De Colonia - Vetyver - Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8.oz.

-Double - Almond Milk - Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8oz.

-Leao Verde - Wild Moss - Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8.oz.

-Chic - Tulip - Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8.oz.

-Chicken - Lemongrass - Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8.oz.

-Black Sumburst - Tuberose -  Mini Soap - 50g/ 1.8.oz.


-Manually wrapped following a lengthy and delicate process.

-Made in Portugal.

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