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Grumpy Cow - Uplifting Body Lotion


When you’re stressed, irritable and close to breaking point, be uplifted using the Grumpy Cow range. Featuring a citrus blend of Red Mandarin and Grapefruit to invigorate, and Petitgrain to naturally cleanse, our Body Lotion also uses the finest quality Shea and Cocoa Butters to moisture and tone the skin.

Instructions for use:

-Massage gently into skin, targeting dry areas such as elbows and knees.


-300ml/ 10.15fl.oz.


-Mandarin Red Essential Oil: Sweet, tangy and zesty; used mostly to increase circulation to the skin. Also used to relieve stress and digestive problems, and to help prevent stretch marks.

-Grapefruit Essential Oil: Naturally uplifting and stimulating; obtained from the peel of the fruit. Has a delightful tangy aroma that is invigorating and highly refreshing.

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