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Grumpy Cow - Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel


When you’re stressed, irritable and close to breaking point, be uplifted using our Grumpy Cow range. Featuring a citrus blend of Mandarin Red and Grapefruit to invigorate, and Petitgrain to naturally cleanse, our Bath & Shower Gel will leave you energised.

Instructions for use:

-Lather over your body while showering or add a generous amount to your bath.


-300ml/ 10.15fl.oz.


-Mandarin Red Essential Oil: Sweet, tangy and zesty; used mostly to increase circulation to the skin. Also used to relieve stress and digestive problems, and to help prevent stretch marks.

-Grapefruit Essential Oil: Naturally uplifting and stimulating; obtained from the peel of the fruit. Has a delightful tangy aroma that is invigorating and highly refreshing.

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