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Everything Eye Brush


Designed this brush as the perfect complement and tool to our eyeshadows. Use it to blend, line, pick up product, and smudge. The unique dome shape allows you to have perfect precision while still being able to blend out edges for a combination of ultimate control and softness. The Everything Eye Brush is vegan, cruelty free, and easy to clean.

Instructions for use:

-Don't be afraid to work your brush into the eyeshadows. The shadows and brush were made to work together, so applying firm pressure is ideal.

-Use the small precision point as a liner brush for your top and bottom lashes. It also works great to add a pop of highlight in the inner corners of the eyes.

-The brush is an amazing tool to use dry (without product) after the eyeshadows have been applied onto the eyelids with fingers. It fits perfectly into the crease and with a few windshield wiper strokes, it will diffuse any harsh lines.


100% synthetic fibres.

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