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E30 - Pencil Brush


Sigma's E30 Pencil Brush is custom-designed with dense, domed bristles for precise eye shadow application. You can relay on this brush to create a smokey eye, smudge and push colour or even to apply shadow to small, concentrated areas of the eye. Detail work can be easily achieved, use it to blend close to your lashline, define the crease or intensifying your eyeshadow.

Instructions for use:

-Dip the tool into your favourite eyeshadow.

-Tap off any excess powder.

-Sweep across the upper and bottom lashline to contour and define your eyes.

-Alternatively, use wet to apply highlighter to the inner eye.

-Use it with precision for a cut crease.


-Offers medium coverage.

-Synthetic bristles designed to outperform traditional animal hair.

-Ergonomic handle is made from sustainably sourced wood.

-It maintains the original shape even after countless washes.

-Cruelty free.


Fibers: Synthetic, antimicrobial fibers. Engineered to better hold, apply and blend product.

Ferrules: Patent-pending interlocking handles with double-threaded engineering for incredible strength and durability.

Handles: Solid, polymer-based handles are water-resistant. Outlasts all product formulas and frequent brush care.

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