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E25 - Blending Brush


Sigma E25 Blending Brush is the tool you need for a seamless finish. With slightly firm and tightly packed bristles and a rounded shape, this brush can color or blend the entire lid in one sweep. Award-winning and cult favourite, due to the high quality bristles, developed to blend and blur any edges for a flawless and professional look. An essential brush for anyone that ca be used with cream or powder products.

Instructions for use:

-Gently swirl across your favorite powder or cream.

-Tap the brush to remove any excess pigment.

-Blend colours together onto the lid with added control.

-Use light strokes and small circular motions to build definition and shape.

-Buff out harsh lines for a well-blended base, eyeshadow, blush or any area of the face.


-Offers sheer to medium coverage.

-Synthetic bristles designed to outperform traditional animal hair.

-Ergonomic handle is made from sustainably sourced wood.

-It maintains the original shape even after countless washes.

-Cruelty free.


Fibers: Synthetic, antimicrobial fibers. Engineered to better hold, apply and blend product.

Ferrules: Patent-pending interlocking handles with double-threaded engineering for incredible strength and durability.

Handles: Solid, polymer-based handles are water-resistant. Outlasts all product formulas and frequent brush care.

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