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E21 - Smudge Brush


Packed with short, dense bristles, Sigma's E21 is a small brush designed for precise and smudge eye shadow application. It's easy to blend and smudge for a controlled, professional-looking finish. The synthetic, antibacterial bristles diffuse the look of creamy liners and shadows, helping you achieve a quick smokey eye.

Instructions for use:

-Lightly dab brush in gel liner, cream or powder shadow.

-Glide bristles along lash-line for precise application.

-Use short upward sweeping motions for a smudged or blended look.

-If using powder, tap the brush on its side to remove any excess pigment.

-Use brush to smudge shadow or liner until the desired result is achieved.


-Offers medium coverage.

-Synthetic bristles designed to outperform traditional animal hair.

-Ergonomic handle is made from sustainably sourced wood.

-It maintains the original shape even after countless washes.

-Cruelty free


Fibers: Synthetic, antimicrobial fibers. Engineered to better hold, apply and blend product.

Ferrules: Durable, corrosion-resistant SigmaAlloy™ ferrules. Precious-metal plating for shine and strength.

Handles: Responsibly-sourced, lightweight wood handles. Eight coats of paint and primer for a lasting result.

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