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Dual-Active Cleansing Cloths - Pack of 3


Show off a complexion that glows with health using the Oskia Dual-Active Cleansing Cloth 3 Piece, a beauty tool designed for use with the brand’s cleansers.

This set of three cloths is made with 100% cotton and is ideal for use as part of an everyday skincare ritual. The smooth side is ideal for cleansing, while the textured side can be used to gently exfoliate the skin.

In combination with a cleanser, these cloths help to stimulate the skin and rid it of impurities, contributing to a brighter look. To keep the Oskia Dual-Active Cleansing Cloth 3 Piece in optimal condition, always wash them regularly at 30 degrees and dry on the line.

Instructions for use:

-Use with your favourite cleanser for radiant results.

-Wash at 30 degrees and allow to air dry.


-Three facial wash cloths for use with a cleanser.

-Smooth side for cleansing.

-Textured side to aid exfoliation.

-Promotes a more radiant looking complexion.

-Created using 100% cotton.


100% Cotton.

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