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3DHD® - Precision Brush


Sigma's 3DHD® Precision Brush is developed to achieve the ultimate, high definition skin finish. Made with the signature ‘Sigmax’ fibres which are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic bristles made from an exclusive, thermoplastic polymer to guarantee the longevity of the brush. It is perfectly shaped to cover up blemishes and imperfections and conceal and perfect any area. Fitted with short, innovative angles, it blends product seamlessly and has a lightweight handle.

Instruction for use:

-Use to apply and diffuse liquid, cream and powder products.

-The unique edges can achieve a precise application for smaller areas of the face.

-Perfect under the eye area, inner corners and spot concealing.


-Offers medium to full coverage.

-Ergonomic handle is made from sustainably sourced wood.

-The patented 3-ring brush ferrule is made from high-performance Sigma Alloy for maximum strength and durability.

-Dense 3DHD® brush with a double wedge flat and pointed head.

-It maintains the original shape even after countless washes.

-Cruelty free


Fibers: Synthetic, antimicrobial fibers. Engineered to better hold, apply and blend product.

Ferrules: Durable, corrosion-resistant SigmaAlloy™ ferrules. Precious-metal plating for shine and strength.

Handles: Responsibly-sourced, lightweight wood handles. Eight coats of paint and primer for a lasting result.

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