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UBUNA Beauty’s serums are powered by natural AntiBody Technology, a by-product of medical research by a noted professor at Kyoto Prefecture University in Japan.

It was discovered that the same anti-bodies used to fight off viruses also effectively helped boost ceramide replenishment and neutralize skin damaging antigens. Caused by exposure to external factors like pollution and sun, the antigens can trigger fine lines, wrinkles and skin dullness.

During the research, it was revealed that the unfertilized egg yolks of the Ostrich contain one of the highest concentrations of natural antibodies that help fight the damaging external  aggressors that can accelerate the visible signs of aging. Using a completely humane and sustainable process that does not harm the Ostrich in any way, the unfertilized yolks are extracted and processed to reveal our globally-patented hero active ingredient – natural antibodies.