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It might be hard to believe that utter beauty could come out of a cow shed. Dare to join the ‘herd’ and discover a range of honest, natural, therapeutic plant - based products with cheeky names but serious benefits.

Having its origins on British grounds, Cowshed was founded in 1998 in an actual cow shed. Can you imagine that? Since then, the company bloomed in various locations all over the world, due to their award-winning bath, body and skincare products.

Using the best organic, wildcrafted and fairly-treated plant extracts and essential oils, Cowshed guarantees no parabens, no petrochemicals, no sulphates, no animal ingredients (ok, maybe just a little beeswax and wildflower honey), no artificial fragrancing or colors and, of course, NO ANIMAL TESTING! Not now, not ever!

We love Cowshed for developing a collection of high quality products that are so much fun to use and to give as gifts for loved ones. Giving their funky and unique kinds, whether you are looking to cheer up, relax, wake up or create a romantic atmosphere, you can simply shop according to your mood!

If only we could pick up that charming British accent …