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Claus Porto

Claus Porto, a brand with great historical provenance was founded in Portugal -1887 by two entrepreneurial Germans: Ferdinand Claus and George PH Schweder.

Claus Porto is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in Portugal. All of their products managed to remain original and bold, keeping the tradition alive under the motto “Preserve the past. Encourage the present. Challenge the future”. Vintage has never been more glamorous and luxurious! Using time-honored techniques, passed down from generation to generation Claus Porto continue to delight and charm with a collection of handmade soaps, crafted from the finest quality ingredients.

The Deco, Classico and Fantasia collections are some of the most impressive of all! These ranges differ in the formulas of the soaps. In the Deco range soaps are enriched with Shea Butter and particular Essential Oils. The Classico products are made with Pistachio Butter and the soaps from the Fantasia collection contain Mango Kernel Butter. All Claus Porto soaps are paraben free, derived from natural sources and are not tested on animals.

Claus Porto soaps are wrapped manually in unique and exquisite Art Deco design packages. The main components are dedication and lots of love.

Certainly the future of the brand is going to preserve its values, sealed with quality stamp and artistic value, remaining a unique jewelry in everyone’s bathroom.