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Bloom and Blossom

This particular beauty line product made in the UK is a long wanted award-winning, natural, solution for our sister-in-laws, for the graceful mothers, all of us – the beauty junkies.

Creators Julia Yule and Christina Moos designed in 2008 a high quality care products following the rule of “less is more”, using the minimum amount of ingredients for the maximum result. The two mothers managed to please\satisfy Britain’s A-list ladies including The Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria Beckham and Kate Winslet.

Bloom and Blossom cosmetics stand out due to their high quality ingredients and especially the elegant\ultra-chic packaging showing the number of different ingredients used for every product. Bloom and Blossom products are very gentle even with the environment the packaging being recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which assures responsible consumption of forest products.

We want what is best for all women; we want you to feel good in your skin! You will not be worrying about artificial coloring or synthetic fragrances, aggressive detergents or corrosive ingredients, sodium laureth or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), xenoestrogen or phthalate, or petrochemical products! We know you deserve the best!

We proudly declare Bloom and Blossom as a blessing for all women! Saving the world one stretch mark at a time!