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Holder - H101

Ellis Faas

With the award-winning Ellis Holder, you are meticulously organised.
When you buy it, the Holder is empty, so you can decide which Ellis Faas products you want to carry in your Holder.
You are the one choosing the the products that reflect your mood or suit the occasion, and you’re good to go with a customised kit filled with your favourite products and favourite colours.

Use Ellis Holder with:

-Compact Powder.

-Glow Up.

-Skin Veil Foundation Pen.


-Creamy Eyes.

-Creamy Lips.

-Milky Lips.

-Glazed Lips.

-Hot Lips.





-Comes with a mirror.

-Place for one Compact Powder or one Glow Up.

-Place for one Skin Veil Foundation Pen.

-Six places for all the Ellis Faas products which come in the small signature packaging.

You can now start customizing your Holder.

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